Masterwood Joinery

Masterwood Concept Kitchen
With The Emphasis On Modern

Sleek, stylish and, as with all Masterwood designed kitchens, practical with a highly efficient work triangle, extensive bench space and ample storage. And behind those lacquer finished cupboard and drawer fronts a revelation in labour, time and space saving hardware and fittings. To whet your appetite, have you ever considered black as an alternative to a stainless steel or coloured sink?

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The bottom row of deep slide out drawers contribute to the seamless look, through replacing pulls with a simple 45 degree cut along the top edge of the spray painted lacquer finished fronts. European kitchen shelving, storage systems and soft-close dampening technology by Haféle will be revealed to you by opening the drawers and cupboards.

Seamless white Corian® bench top and side panels. The under-mounted sink is not just practical but also introduces black to the décor scheme, repeated in the pattern of the glass splash back. Below the sink and just below floor level, a discreet step-on bar open the waste management tilt and pull out cupboard.

Under bench corner space has long challenged kitchen hardware designers. Opening this cupboard door will reveal just one of Haféle's stunning and innovative solutions. Branded Le Mans in honour of the famous race tracks corners, the "shelves" effortlessly pull out and swivel for utmost convenience.

Cleaning and other practicalities aside, the beauty of the glass splash back, which in this kitchen is extended to form the rear wall, is its ability to express individuality through customised patterns and designs.

Advanced mechanism achieves weightless lifting and closing of the door to the appliances garage. A motion sensor switches on LED down-lights.

Giving this cupboard a gentle push will open your eyes to the difference LED strips lights can make to the glass shelves.