Masterwood Joinery

Masterwood Kitchens

Innovative kitchen hardware used by Masterwood Joinery to maximise kitchen storage space. This photo shows upward folding two part cupboard and large base unit drawer concealing a second drawer.


A stunning marriage of floor and bench materials.


The bevelled edge of this deep underbench drawer (with discreetly concealed second drawer) does away with handles, further contributing to the sleek linear look of this stylish Masterwood Joinery kitchen.


The relatively small raised Ceasarstone(R) corner bar of this kitchen island makes a stand out visual statement.


Under bench drawers put an end to crouching down to rummage through cupboard shelves. A concealed second drawer further adds to functionality and storage capacity.


This European style kitchen by Masterwood Joinery gives little away about the ample storage it provides.


This photo reveals how modern kitchen hardware can work to smoothly open and support large panel doors.


Proof that natural veneer still has a role in today's kitchen. The dark Ceasarstone(R) benchtops enhance what could be described as a polished performance.


Different materials are used to stunning effect. The almost industrial look of the one piece stainless steel sink contrasts with natural wood surfaces (note Masterwood's meticulous matching of wood grains) that in turn lead to the no-nonsense white cabinetry of the food preparation area.


In today's kitchens it never pays to take anything at face value. The inside story behind these closed doors is, as you can see, quite a revelation.